4th March 2021 – Chris Collard – Call – Push – Shock

Come and join us to on the 4th March commencing at 10.00am to hear Chris Collard talk with us, via zoom,  about the Call, Push, Shock Program.

Chris is a Team Manager with Ambulance Victoria,   in Sunbury, responsible for the Jacksons Creek Team. He has been with Ambulance Victoria  for 16 years but prior to this he was involved in Paramedic Education. Chris has a keen interest   in community engagement, educating the public on the importance of early CPR and Defibrillation during cardiac arrest. As a resident of Sunbury for over 30 years he is keen to see a greater uptake of first aid training in the community, with an increased awareness   that seconds count in a medical  emergency.

Chris’s presentation Call, Push, Shock promotes,

  • Calling 000 immediately during a cardiac arrest.
  • Performing   life-saving chest compressions – Pushing on the chest.
  • Delivering a life-saving Shock using a AED Defibrillator if available.

He will also be discussing the app GoodSam  which  notifies community members of a cardiac arrest within the immediate vicinity and assists them should they wish to provide life- saving assistance while awaiting  the arrival of emergency services.

Here is also your opportunity to ask questions of someone with a wide the knowledge of Ambulance Victoria.

If you would like to join us and need assistance registering your interest on UMAS please call Marlene on 97444848