Z ‘Life’ Health and Wellbeing

Tutor/Leader: Bernadette Young

Topic: Life Health and Wellbeing

Location: Club Sunbury (Bowling Club)
45 Riddell Road
Sunbury 3429

Day: Friday, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Dates: 29 Apr 2022 – 17 Jun 2022

This free health and well-being course follows on from the introductory session of ‘Equip for Life’ Held in March. The course is Government approved. There will be four sessions run fortnightly in Term 2, followed by one session later in the year and another one in April next year. It is designed to support us to focus and improve our health and fitness. The course will include everything you need to improve your health, fitness, mobility, motivation, mindfulness, sleep and stress level. If you want to enrich and get the most out of your life this is the course for you. Each session will be presented by experienced clinicians who will support us over the next twelve months. Free information will be provided such as recipes, exercise plans etc.

This courses has been divided into two groups due to numbers enrolled. Each group will attend four sessions. Participants will be contacted to let them know in which group they have been placed.
Group 1 will attend 29/4/22, 13/5/22, 27/5/22, 10/6/22
Group 2 will attend; 6/5/22, 20/5/22, 3/6/22, 17/6/22

No prerequisites. As this is a government-funded program participants need to register on the Equip For Life site. Contact Bernadette Young at courses@u3asunbury.org.au for further information and to express interest. Bernadette will assist you to register for the program.