25th July – Guest Speaker – Duncan Browne – The Anti Graffiti Police

Duncan Browne has been a member of Victoria Police for 25 years and has worked at various police stations in Melbourne’s west and Melbourne’s north. Duncan is currently a Sergeant based at the Transit Safety Division in Melbourne. 

The Transit Safety Division has the responsibility of policing Melbourne’s public transport network and investigating crime on the network.  Duncan works at the Transit DRU (Divisional Response Unit) and this unit is responsible for investigating all property based offences on the network.  Graffiti is one such property offence the unit investigates as it causes significant delays, cancellations and safety issues on the public transport network.

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Duncan’s presentation examines the nature of the graffiti problem in Melbourne, the rise of the graffiti problem and the reasons we police graffiti.  It examines the criminal subculture created by the  graffiti vandals and also looks at ways in which we police these individuals. 

Duncan encourages questions along the way which allows him to focus on the issues which people want to know about, rather than discussing things which may be of lesser interest.  This also means that no two presentations ever run the same; so Duncan keeps it interesting for those who may be hearing from him a second time.