Australian History Prior to Federation

Australian History Prior to Federation – 1st & 3rd Mondays 10am-12 noon at the Footy Club. First 8 units of the period from Australian Prehistory up to the end of the 19th century. We will be following the course provided by U3A Online with the opportunity to share & discuss additional material.
The course was compiled by Steve Hart especially for U3A groups and consists of 9 Units. Unit 1: Australian Pre History (Aboriginal History before white settlement) Unit 2: Australia before 1788 (covers early exploration of Terra Australis Incognito) Unit 3: The First Twenty Years Unit 4: Transition and Progress 1810 to 1900 Unit 5: Exploration of the Continent Unit 6: Change and Development 1851 to 1900 Unit 7: Military History including the Frontier Wars Unit 8: The Emergence of Australian Attitudes Unit 9: From Colonies to Nationhood A local history component is included with some Units. Meeting 1st & 3rd Monday mornings, we are having lots of interesting & informative discussions. Group facilitator: Bev