Book to DVD Club

Book to DVD Club – Thursday afternoons on arrangement at the Footy Club. If you like to read all types of books and then see the DVD of the same book this group is for you. We have fun, with interesting and insightful discussion. The group has been going for about 4 years. We meet about once a month on a Thursday afternoon, dependent upon the availability of books. We catch up for lunch, then have the book discussion for about an hour and then see the DVD of the book. The idea is to gather with like-minded people who love reading books of all types. We even read Dickens last year which caused some if us some concerns but we all really enjoyed the experience. Also, the story, characters and beauty and magic of books, we all agree, vastly surpasses that of the movie. Numbers in the group are limited to books obtainable from the library. We only have 10 books but this year we have increased our number in the group to twelve members. If you love reading, seeing DVDs and enjoy meeting other members, the idea of a Book Club might appeal. If it does, let us know and fingers crossed, magically a second group might appear. Group Leader: Marlene