Canasta – Tuesdays 1:00-4:00pm at the Footy Club. Enjoy a game of Canasta with this friendly group – both singles and doubles can be played. We essentially follow the traditional rules of Canasta as outlined by Hoyle. What fun this group has! We have a steady membership of around 4-8 people. We always have at least one table of doubles, playing the standard Hoyle’s rules, and often another group of 2 or 3 playing our own agreed variants of the rules! We’ve celebrated a few birthdays with cake & enjoyed lots of friendly conversation. Two of our members who met in the group have even booked an overseas trip together later in the year. It’s also great to see some of our members who initially just joined U3A to play canasta now also participating in other groups and activities such as Dining Out and Outings. Come and join the fun, we’re happy to have new people and can teach you how to play if you’ve not tried it before. Group Leader: Laura