Feb 20th – Guest Speaker – Neil Addison – Origins and History of Freemasonry

Neil Addison has two positions in Freemasonry. He is the Senior Warden for the Sunbury Lodge and is also Secretary for Trentham Lodge. Whilst Neil has been a member of the Freemasons only since 2014, Freemasonry has been very much a part of his life through his father’s involvement for 53 years.

Neil will talk about the fascinating origin and history of Freemasonry which dates back to the 1630s. Shortly after that, as Freemasonry grew around the world, a constitution was drawn up setting out all Freemasonry practices and rituals and requirements for entry and for progression through the ranks.   Whilst today the Freemasons  have changed into a helping, philanthropic and community minded organisation some of the ancient rituals are still retained.

Come along and make Neil welcome – listen and join in with this very interesting  topic.

  • Sunbury Football Social Club, Riddell Road, Sunbury
  • Thursday February 20th
  • 10:00am