Guest Speaker Bruno Lettieri

On  Thursday  4th June 2020, starting at 9.45 we have our second  Guest Speaker   –  Bruno Lettieri.

Many of you will remember Bruno when he came as a Guest Speaker when we were at Rainbow Court and others will know him from The Twilight School at Rupertswood mansion which was a community based project that he initiated and steered.  Bruno was and still is well known for his love of bringing people together to talk about books, words, ideas and community. His interviews   with guests such as Helen Garner, Father Bob, William McInnes ,  Michael Leunig  and many more  were always warm, welcoming, insightful and humorous     –  He has a beautiful way with people.   

Now retired from teaching Bruno has gone on to  freelance under the banner  “Bruno Goes Everywhere” where he has been involved in Events for festivals and libraries throughout Victoria.

Bruno is the “builder of literary communities  and the guardian of the sacredness of story”

Join with us to hear all about Bruno’s own story, his reflection on life now that he is retired  and his life spent  between two countries Australia and Indonesia.

If you are interested in joining with us could you put your name on to UMAS  by Tuesday evening at the latest and Leigh Martin who will be our zoom host will send you the link on Wednesday.  If you need any assistance please don’t hesitate to call Marlene on 97444848.