Oct 17th – Guest Speaker – Paul Gluschenko – Commercial Aviation in Australia

Paul says: I intend to cover the post WW2 period in commercial aviation. This will include the genesis of TAA, (Trans Australia Airlines), the two airline policy that prevailed for many years and the airline equalization act. I will then work through deregulation to where we are today, still with two major players. Few smaller ones around, but basically still two airline groups.

Time permitting, I will go into the features of the current generation of aircraft, Boeing 787, Airbus A350 and A380 and how they differ from the earlier generations. Nothing too technical just overviews.

My background – I started with TAA in 1969. Held quite a few management positions with TAA/Australian, Ansett and Qantas. When I retired in 2009, I was the project manager for the introduction of new aircraft for the Engineering group.