5th November 2020 – Rememberance Day – Catherine Brown

Catherine has extensive knowledge and a passion about the importance of Remembrance Day and what that means to all Australians. Catherine’s grandparents met in Belgium after the armistice in 1919 before being wed and returning to Australia. Her Grandfather served with the 1st ANZAC Cyclist Battalion on the Western Front and in Belgium. After travelling to Turkey and visiting Gallipoli and later the Battlefields of France and Belgium, Catherine found a personal connection with the commemoration and remembrance of our servicemen and women, particularly Victorians.  She later became a volunteer at The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne where she has worked for the past 6 years talking with students and visitors alike.

Catherine will talk with us about the history of The Shrine from its’ conception in 1921 to Dedication in 1934 and also the redevelopments that have taken place to present day, including over 150 commemorative services that are held every year. The Memorial is a remarkable building, constructed in memory of the 19,000 Victorians who made the ultimate sacrifice and did not return to their families. It now recognizes all men and women who have served in conflict and peacekeeping operations. It remains one of Victoria’s pre-eminent Memorials. We will look at the role of symbolism in its construction and its relevance today.

The talk will provide opportunities to share your own family stories and history and what Remembrance Day means to you.  We hope next year, once the CoVid19 restrictions make it possible, to visit The Shrine as part of a Sunbury U3A 19 outing.

Thursday 5th November 2020 10am to 12noon