8th October 2020 – Wildlife at Organ Pipes – Rob Irvine

We are very happy to have with us, not only a member of Sunbury U3A, but
also an enthusiastic amateur wildlife researcher who has been a member
of Friends of the Organ Pipes National Park for 30 years. He has
published papers on a pioneering Australian Revegetation scheme, a Micro
Bat population study and Sugar Glider (Possum) relocation study.
He is not just a writer but also a keen adventurer in skiing, white
water kayaking, scuba diving, bush walking and canyoning.  Needless to
say we are very happy that he can join us because once the lockdown
restrictions are finished he is off doing what he loves best.

We are so blessed to have The Organ Pipes National Park just on our
door steps. It was declared as a national park in 1972 not only known
for it’s geological formations but now has become iconic as a 100 year
restoration project for native plants and animals. The project’s aim has
been to repair damage done by years of overgrazing from agriculture and
weed introduction.

With the outstanding success of the project has come the return of
native birds, water life, mammals and insects.
Come and join us today to hear Robert talk about his love of the wild
life and it’s return to their natural habitat.

Thursday 8th October 10 am to 12 Noon Via Zoom