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Covid-19 continues to be a problem, particularly over winter. Our response to this situation is  to be guided by Government directives and advice, which can be found here: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus.
Please read the Sunbury U3A Covid-Safe Policy and the Sunbury U3A Covid-Safe Plan. These are  regularly updated and in accord with The Government advice.
We recommend that masks are to be worn when attending classes and events. Face to face activities can only be undertaken by those who have been FULLY vaccinated. Prior to enrolling in any course or event a Sunbury U3A committee member must sight the vaccination certificate. Zoom is an option for some courses.

Becoming a Member Joining ….. Need might be a little strong, but we sure would like you to join.
Memberships are great value and entitle you to enrol in as many of our courses as you like. We offer individual memberships, as well as options allowing members to take courses at other U3As. Elvis has come and gone but you can always sign on to do a full year course on The Cosmos, or if you feeling a bit stiff and sore, what about Physiotherapy and Arthritis (you know the old saying physician heal thyself, well you may learn a few tricks to help you get out of bed). Learn more about our memberships, how to join, or to renew your subscription by clicking on the link.

Photo Gallery .……. Here you will find images and stories about past, present and forthcoming events. Not all of them, a visit to the course page will provide the full list. This image was taken on one of our geology field trips. If it look appealing we are doing it again, look up Geology

Events & Outings ….. We organise lots of fun and interesting events and outings for our members including Guest Speakers, Outings, Theatre, Movies, Quiz and Dining Out. The pictures below show just a few of our near future events. To find more or investigate the details simply click on the link above.

Courses & Activities

…… We offer many courses over a range of subjects, including the one shown here
Craft for the Crafty“.

There is sure to be something in the list to interest you and to open you to new activities. Click on the link to find out.