How Things Work – Physics of Everyday Things.

Why is it so?

You might have never taken a science course in your life, but you are fascinated by how Science explains our lives, so this course is for you!. You do not need a background in science, just a keen interest in finding out how things work. Luckily we can do it by Zoom to start. We have designed it as a series of blocks, so you can join in to the sessions that interest you, and so that the course can cover a wide range of topics. The blocks will be 1 hour per week for 5 weeks, so two per term. The timeslot is Wednesday 11am to noon.

Module 4 for Science for the Curious is How Things Work.
Remember Professor Julius Sumner Miller asking “Why is it so”?”. If you ask yourself this question about everyday things then this course is for you! We are going to explore the science behind washing machines, rainbows, hydroelectricity and corkscrews!! If you have an enquiring mind but no science background then you will be the perfect participant.
The areas we will cover are mechanics, energy, electricity and light and sound waves.

It will be on Wednesday at 11am to noon from Wed 11th Nov to 9th Dec (incl, that is 5 weeks) and, if there is enough interest from Mon 2-3pm from Mon 16th Nov to 14 Dec (inclusive that is 5 weeks).

The presenter is Dr Kaye Coates who did physics at university 500 years ago, but is always wanting to know how things work.