June 18th – Guest Speaker – Professor Matthew Call from Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Come and join us for our third fortnightly on- line Guest Speaker ’s  “zoom”  link.

On Thursday 18th June at 9.45 am we are really happy  to have Associate Professor Matthew Call , a leading scientist from The Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research  joining us.

Professor Call, who is in charge of his own research laboratory  will talk with us about the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, which is Australia’s oldest medical research centre,   employing over  850 brilliant scientific minds.  Since 1915 the institute has been addressing some of the major health challenges of our time in terms of cancer, immune disorders, neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia  and of course infectious diseases too.  Here is your opportunity to ask questions about their past and current work,  including the COVID 19 virus. Professor Call will also talk about the process of how a vaccine is tested to determine that it is safe for public use.

Joining Professor Call also will be Dr Casey Ah-Cann  a recent PhD graduate and also, we hope, Anne Rady who has been kind enough to organize this link to the Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research which we had originally arranged to visit prior to the restrictions of the COVID 19 virus.

Following are bios for our two presenters for next Thursday’s zoom meeting. 

Assoc Professor Matthew (Matt) Call is a native Texan. Matt and his partner Melissa (a Kiwi) came to WEHI via Boston, Massachusetts in 2010 to start a joint research lab in the Structural Biology Division, where Matt became Division Head in 2017. Matt and Melissa are both immunologists and biophysicists. The Call laboratory studies fundamental communication pathways involved in activating immunity, genetic causes of uncontrolled blood cell growth that lead to leukaemia, and new ways to ‘hack’ the human immune system for development of new cancer treatments.

Dr Casey Ah-Cann is the Donor Relations Officer at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute and is responsible for engaging, cultivating and maintaining donors at the Institute. Casey’s role supports fundraising activities and her aim as the Donor Relations Officer is to build a community of passionate and engaged supporters who continue to support the Institute. 

Prior to her role in the Philanthropy, Casey completed her PhD at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, investigating a novel gene involved in the regulation of lung development.  Casey found that loss of this gene resulted in lung deformities. During her PhD she discovered a passion for science communication, and enjoys translating complex scientific ideas. Casey believe that science should be accessible and that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and understand scientific ideas.

If you are interested  in  joining us, could you please enrol in UMAS or email events@u3asunbury.org.au We will send you a ‘zoom’ link on Wednesday 17th June for you to join us.