Chinese Mah–jong (Tuesdays)

Tutor: Ron Choo
Tudor 2: Leigh Martin
: All year
: Tuesdays 31 Jan 2023 – 8 Dec 2023
: 1:00pm to 4:00pm
: Seniors Citizens Centre, Sunbury
Numbers: 20

Mah-jong is a game that originated in China, commonly played with 4 players (some 3 player variations).
Mah-jong is a game of skill, strategy and calculation with a degree of chance involved. Chinese Mah Jong is played with Chinese tiles – no identifying western letters and numbers.
The group will meet in the front room in the Senior Citizens Centre.
***Please note this is a face-to-face course and only those members who have been fully vaccinated and have had their vaccination certificate sighted by U3A Sunbury can attend. New members to Sunbury U3A must present their COVID vaccination certificate at the first class.

A knowledge of Chinese Mah Jong is required for this group. However if you wish to learn the intricacies of this fascinating game, please contact Ron on 0413 784 202 or Leigh on 0412 660 702.