Not Just a Photo Gallery

The idea behind this page is to show you that it is not just courses or learning stuff. Its also about about being out and about with like minded people who enjoy companionship, following their own interests or trying something new. From chess to going on a boat cruise from exploring the night sky to learning how to paint or enhancing your skills. You will also find here some things here from our archive, some of the really successful things we have done in the past that we don’t want to lose track of, who knows maybe the new members would like them, or something similar, to be offered again

Keeping The Ship Afloat

Sunbury U3A does not run on a hope and a prayer. Much work is done by the committee to raise funds. This image is of two of our committee members, Leigh and Bernadette, being presented with the Community Grants Award certificate.
Leigh and Bernadette, discussing Sunbury U3A’s community work and involvement at the Hume Community Grants Award Night.

In August 2021 the new committee was installed at Sunbury U3A. It comprises a few of the old previous members who have switched roles and a handful of new members. In the photo above from left to right are, Sue, Marlene, Margaret, Kaye, Bernadette, Rilla, Vince and Leigh

Here are some images of recent outings and events.

If you wish to see the plan for the forthcoming year then click on this link and go to the Outings, Speakers and Events Page but make sure you come back and see the rest of the galleries.

An update on the Geology course. This week we had our second field trip, Gold Fields. We took in The Red Cliffs at Heathcote then the Victoria Hills Mining Reserve at Bendigo.

Art for Fun – Spending Time During the Crisis. The images here are a few samples of our tutors and members work, and the members themselves. Click on the image to see a larger print or click on the link above to see more details about the course itself.

Sunbury U3A Members With a Story to Tell

U3A’s are full of interesting people, people with fascinating stories. I mean where do all the fighter pilots, Olympic athletes, explorers, antique experts, cuckoo clock makers etc. go when they retire. They don’t go anywhere, they are amongst us and are really interesting people to talk to. Now I don’t claim we have any of the aforementioned amongst us (if we do let me know I will coerce them into a talk), but the principle is the same.
If you know of a member that has a story to tell, please let the webmaster know for follow up