Philosophy and Current Affairs

Philosophy is held on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month. It runs from 10:00am to 11:30am in the Sunbury Footy Club Boardroom. The philosophy group offers a group discussion following an audio lecture / podcast on philosophical matters.  It provides some introduction to the thinking of great philosophers up to the modern day and always keeps one eye focused on practice to help the group confront its own moral prejudices and hypocrisies.

Current Affairs is held on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. It runs from 10:00am to 11:30am in the Sunbury Footy Club Boardroom. An opportunity to discuss current affairs with the help of an audio lecture / podcast or guest facilitator.  The topic for the next session will be agreed by the group.

The Philosophy group is using the ABC “Philosophy Zone” podcasts as the basis for topics. They are always interesting and generate lively conversations. The Current Affairs group is also using a variety of ABC podcasts to select topics which are current, interesting and relevant. We have kept some of the past sessions displayed below to give an indication of the themes covered. The details of upcoming Philosophy and Current Affairs sessions are usually added to the website on a weekly basis.

Philosophy sessions

September 20th

Know it all society with Philosopher Michael Lynch who suggests that “we are disdainful of anyone we do not agree with”. Perhaps a dose of humility. “The failing unending war on drugs”. This is about America but applies to us Aussies too. Should anyone wish to pre-listen, both these podcasts are from Phillip Adams “Late night live” on ABC radio on 2/9/19 and 4/9/19.

September 6th

Dementia and deception, Therapeutic deception in aged care,
Is all lying morally problematic?
Topic can be found as podcast ABC radio Philosophers Zone with David Rutledge

August 16th

Women, autonomy and social justice in China.
This podcast informs us about a woman’s better access to education and job opportunities in China in 2019 – yet her identity and “value” is linked to her role as mother, wife and family.
Essential listening.

August 2nd – James Ricketson

Australian journalist – “Reflections on Happiness”
James spent 15 months in a Cambodian prison in a cell with 140 other prisoners.
James, who was charged with “spying”, has some insights into “happiness”.
The podcast is available from the ABC Listen app and can be found under Family, Health, Education (all one Section).  Then we will move on to “All in the Mind” with Lynne Malcolm.

July 19 – Philosopher, Karl Popper

The first topic for the new term will highlight the famous Philosopher, Karl Popper. Public health and “open society” will be featured.

June 21 – Irrationality

Irrationality. Is human society fated to be irrational? The crazy far right?

Current Affairs sessions:

September 13th

Proposed content: ABC podcast Sabra Lane. Some or all of indigenous run health program in Katherine. Funding shortfall threatening indigenous ranger conservation work, investors putting ethics ahead of maximum returns. Tamil asylum seekers, Queensland deputy premier avoids corruption investigations and fires in NSW and Queensland.

August 23rdTopics

Broken Hill pipeline from Murray. Transparency? Cost $5 million 270 km.

Call from MP for royal commission on pipeline and northern rivers cotton.

Australian research study shows junk food discounts greater than specials on healthy food in Aussie Supermarkets – health implications.

Same sex couples and single females experiencing discrimination in IVF access compared with heterosexual couples. Same sex couples regarded as socially infertile.

August 9th – These podcasts are all from AM on ABC with Sabra Lane.

  1. Australia-China. New regional comprehensive trade pact(Simon Birmingham).
  2. “Clean meat”. Next food revolution. Cellular agriculture.
  3. Recycling. Commercial pressure on recycling in Australia. 
  4. Hong Kong protest into 8th week. 

July 26th – A range of Current Affairs topics

Australian detained in China;
Boris Johnson, possible British PM;
“Splendour in the grass” music festival and drugs used at festival. The three topics are available on ABC  AM podcast of Sat 20/7/19
with Sabra Lane. They can be listened to through the “ABC Listen app.” If we have enough time, we will also listen to the podcast – Germany’s Forgotten Dead (suicides after WW2).

June 28 – A Variety of Current Affairs topics

Last day of Term 2 – Looking at a variety of topics for about10 minutes each: Voluntary Euthanasia in Vic, Latest on MH17 charges (comments from Julie Bishop, foreign affairs minister at the time) and Israel Folau crowdfunding.

Looking forward to Fridays!
John Hall
Group Leader