Sceince for the Curious – Ins and Outs of Breathing.

You might have never taken a science course in your life, but you are fascinated by how Science explains our lives, so this course is for you!. You do not need a background in science, just a keen interest in finding out how things work. Luckily we can do it by Zoom to start. We have designed it as a series of blocks, so you can join in to the sessions that interest you, and so that the course can cover a wide range of topics. The blocks will be 1 hour per week for 5 weeks, so two per term. The timeslot is Wednesday 11am to noon.

We will explore the Science of Breathing through information sharing, discussion and perhaps debate looking at a range of aspects of breathing such as the anatomy involved, purpose and control, the physical dynamics of breathing and gas exchange as well as the how the way we breath may affect us.

No prior science knowledge is required, just have a notebook and pen and coloured pencils at hand

Gillian Hume (BSc Dip Ed) will lead the course. She has had experience in teaching science in secondary school settings for 20+ years(hard to believe), and teaching senior biology and chemistry.   She began her science career in research in endocrinology. The thing that she also appreciates about science is the way it offers answers for answers for the wonderings that emerge living in this world

The course will be held by zoom and in the usual Science for the Curious timeslot of 2-3pm on Monday.

Please feel free to enrol from now