Science for the Curious – Astronomy

You might have never taken a science course in your life but you are fascinated by how Science explains our lives. If so, this course is for you! You do not need a background in science, just a keen interest in finding out how things work. Luckily we can do it by Zoom to start.

Module 2 for Science for the Curious is Astronomy.

It will be more than nice pictures and dry facts though. It will also include some of the science behind the topics covered and answer some of the why, when and how.

This will be done at an easy practical level without any tiresome math or physics equations.

The information will be up to date and cover some of the latest discoveries such as, mysterious objects, dark matter and dark energy.

  • The Solar System
  • Stars
  • Cluster and Nebulae
  • Galaxies
  • Strange Things
  • The Universe

 Starts Wednesday 19th August 2020 for 5 weeks from 11am to noon

Our leader in this cosmic adventure is Peter Coates. He is a keen amateur astronomer with a background in engineering, computing and science.