Science for the Curious – Climate Change

Leader: Ian Galbally
Start Date:      14/07/2021 Wednesday
Finish Date:      
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Number of weeks: 
10 weeks via zoom

An introduction to the science of Climate Change

Ian Galbally graduated in physics and chemistry from Monash University and meteorology from Melbourne University. He has worked in atmospheric science for CSIRO for over 50 years. He has had the good fortune to be involved in projects such as the setting up and running of the Baseline Air Pollution Monitoring Station at Cape Grim Tasmania, setting up and supporting for 20 years Australia’s National Greenhouse Gas Inventory and leading part of a group within the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) developing international guidelines for countries to report their national greenhouse gas emissions. He likes spending time with family, friends and in his garden.

This course will consist of 10 sessions of one hour each on-line via zoom

The first five sessions will be devoted to what controls the Earth’s climate and how the climate had varied in the past due to natural causes and how some human activities are now the major factor causing climate change.

The second five sessions concern both identifying what actions can reduce climate change and what actions will help us adapt to the changing climate.

The sessions will be roughly half presentation of material and half discussion.
Requirements: a curiosity and interest in pursuing this subject, no requirement for a formal education in science.

Members who have previously attended the short 5-session course in 2020 are welcome to enrol to both review previous content & to cover new information included in this longer course.