Science for the curious-Science of Flight

Tudor: Rob Rickards

Venue: Online via Zoom Course Category

Short Course: Short Course Scheduling

Dates: Oct 4, 2021 to Oct 25, 2021
Next date: Oct 4, 2021

Time: from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Frequency: Mondays/Weekly

Insights into aspects of flight from a Pilots Perspective

Part 1 Back to basics. Wings Drag Gravity and Engines.

Part 2 Cockpits, Instruments old and new.

Part 3 Navigation. How it was done to how it is done now.

Part 4 Uber drone/taxi. Electric airliners The future.

The course will be delivered by zoom. Additional Notes Our presenter is Rob Rickards. Rob has been flying since 1978 and retired in January after 30 years with Qantas. Like many of my colleagues it all started with tiny little airplanes and bush flying in Africa and progressed to bigger and faster aircraft with many years service on the Boeing 737 and today he enjoys working on and flying his homebuilt kit aircraft. Being heavily involved in the training (and checking) of pilots in Qantas was a real privilege and added extra rewards to the job.