Sept 5th Guest Speaker – Jenny Adamthwaites – Mercy Ships

Today we are welcoming Jenny Adamthwaites and her colleague Deb Matricardi both of whom work during their holidays on the Mercy Ships.

Currently Jenny is working as Associate Nurse Unit Manager in the Operating Suite of the Castlemaine Hospital. She has been a theatre nurse since 1997.

As well, Jenny has been working on the Mercy Ships since 2007, serving five times. Her work on the Mercy Ships has taken her to West Africa, including Liberia and Togo,to New Guinea and to the Cameroon. Her time spent working on the Mercy Ships has ranged between 4 weeks to 5 months.

Deb who also works at Castlemaine Hospital  has spent time working on the Mercy Ships. Together, they will give us general information about the ships and how they work.  As well a large part of their talk will be about their own personal experiences and the patients that they have come in contact with.

Jenny and Deb are very passionate about their work and the time they have spent on the Mercy Ships. They will welcome lots of questions from you!

Please come to  listen to their fascinating life and make them welcome.