Speaking with Confidence

Tutor/Leader: Leigh Martin
Topic: Public Speaking
Wkly: Weekly
Location: Sunbury Social Club Footy club
Behind Clarke Oval Riddell Rd
Day: Friday, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Dates: 15 Jul 2022 – 16 Sep 2022
Capacity: 12

Are you nervous about speaking in public? Does you mouth go dry and your palms begin to sweat when you have to introduce a speaker or give a speech at a wedding? If your answers are YES then this is a course for you.
Leigh Martin in an experienced Public Speaker with 26 years of experience. Gently and caringly she will guide you through the techniques of speaking to a group of people, of how to deal with your nerves and how to sparkle before an audience.
There will be homework in this course and of course lots of opportunities to speak in front of your class mates and all culminating with a real life public speaking experience at the end of the course.

Please bring along a notebook, pen and your imagination! Water is supplied for dry mouths!