Square Dancing

Group Leaders: Ralph & Lyn
Start time: Monday 2.00pm
Finish time: 4.00pm
Venue: Sunbury Football Club

Square Dancing – at Sunbury Football Club. Try square dancing in sets of 8 with music/dance calls provided. We take short breaks as needed and enjoy a cuppa at the end! Gold coin donation.

This popular group generally has up to 20 people attending each session. It is especially delightful to see 5 or so of our male members joining in the fun – and of course 4 or so women standing in as ‘men’ in the couples. If we have odd numbers, we often do the moves in a big circle or two long lines instead of the traditional 4-couple square format.

Volunteer guest leaders Ralph & Lyn help us turn to the correct partner, get our feet facing the right way and not get lost when doing Do-Si-Do or Strip the Willows. In most American forms of square dance, the dancers are prompted or cued through a sequence of steps by a caller to the beat of music.

In some traditional forms of square dancing, the caller may be one of the dancers or musicians, but in modern Western square dancing the caller will be on stage, giving full attention to directing the dancers. Like in the American forms Ralph is our caller, and our dances are not learned as complete routines; Ralph teaches us the basic movements, then calls the dance for us, but we do not know in what order it will be called so we have to listen! Sometimes to we go to head left and he calls right – challenging, but a huge lot of fun.