Square Dancing

Tutor: Ralph Weise
: Weekly
Day: Tuesday, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Dates: 31 Jan 2023 – 8 Dec 2023
Venue: large Trophy Room,
Sunbury Social Club Footy club
Behind Clarke Oval Riddell Rd
: Face to Face
: 22
Prerequisites: Nil

Learn and enjoy square dancing in a group of 8 with music/dance calls provided.
Experts are increasingly emphasizing the importance of movement as we age, and also stress that mental exercise is important too.
Square Dancing combines movement and mental exercise and on top of that it is a great deal of fun.
If you are the worst dancer in the world you can still Square Dance because it is predominantly walking to music.
Come and do your body and brain a favour and give it a go and we promise you will enjoy it because you will be part of a very friendly and sociable group of people.
We have short breaks in between dancing, with coffee on conclusion for those who wish to partake! We also meet for lunch on the first Tuesday of the month.
Gold coin donation to cover the travel costs of our voluntary teachers.
***Please note this is a face-to-face course and only those members who have been fully vaccinated and have had their vaccination certificate sighted by U3A Sunbury can attend.
New members to Sunbury U3A must present their COVID vaccination certificate at the first class.