28th October 2021 – Minnie Everett talk

Guest Speaker: Liz Coady

Topic: Discovering Minnie Rebecca Everett and Gilbert & Sullivan

Location: on line via zoom

Day: Thursday 28th October 2021

Time: 10am – 12pm

 This is a must for all music and theatre lovers!

Minnie Rebecca Everett is Liz’s famous great-aunt, who at a time when women weren’t accepted for major roles in the theatre, was recognised for her talented dancing and given starring roles in Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic operas.

Liz Coady has kindly offered to tell us about the professional life of her great-aunt, Minnie Rebecca Everett, and her connection with the work of Gilbert and Sullivan. Minnie was a talented dancer who during her career worked with James Cassius Williamson, a well known actor-manager who obtained the rights to present Gilbert and Sullivan comic operas.In Australia in the 1870’s theatre goers were introduced to musicals being offered by the very popular Gilbert and Sullivan who, through their beautiful music, intellectual, political, absurdist satirical writing, told stories through dialogue, dancing, action and music.  

Liz will tell us how Minnie’s career evolved and became entwined with the work of the dramatist W.S. Gilbert and the composer Arthur Sullivan.  This was at a time when it was difficult for women to find theatre companies willing to give females the opportunity to have major roles in theatre productions.  Come along and learn about this very interesting lady who through hard work and perseverance made it to the top and became an Australian legend.
Look forward to seeing you on the day; bring your friends to what promises to be a particularly informative, interesting and entertaining morning.