Tribute to Dr. Kaye Jean Coates

Kaye Coates was a very prominent leader, and devoted member of U3A Sunbury who originally joined the French course to learn French.

Kaye was a remarkable woman. She inspired so many of us, providing us with support, loyalty and friendship. Kaye was courageous, intelligent, warm, generous, and caring, with her smile and laughter always present.

Kaye was our Courses Co-Ordinator for over three years. During that period she worked diligently to initiate and develop new courses with assistance from members of the courses sub-committee.

Kaye became our Vice President in 2021.

Kaye’s vast corporate knowledge enabled her to single- handedly steer the committee, helping us to develop the U3A Sunbury Operational Plan and Strategies. She Supported us to focus on the key concepts to drive U3A Sunbury forward.

Kaye held a professional science background. She developed the concept of Science for the Curious course, offering diverse topics in the science fields, and educated so many of us.

Kaye was respected, admired and loved by members of our committee and all her U3A friends.  

We will all miss you so much Kaye. You will remain in our hearts and in our memories, but more than that, your legacy to the U3A Sunbury that you loved will be on-going.

Our condolences, love and support are sent to Peter and the family.

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The Geology group ventured out on a field trip last Monday to explore the newer volcanics of the Western Plains.

Taking in volcanic cones around Sunbury, Basalt deposits at Anthony’s Cutting, Scoria deposits at Mt Fitzgerald, Trentham Falls, Blackwood Mineral Springs and the Bacchus marsh Council Trench.

A cheeky visitor joined them for lunch as can be seen in one of the photos.

The highlight for the  leader Peter was the discovery of a large Quartz dyke in a fault line at Blackwood. A frisson of excitement ran through the group when sparkling golden coloured flecks were found in the quartz. Hopes were dashed when it was found to be Pyrites.