The Salvation Army

Guest Speaker: Shaun Featherstone
Tutor/Leader:  Marlene Cann
Sunbury Football Social Club,
Behind Clarke Oval, Riddell Road, Sunbury
Thursday 1 August 2024
10:00 am – 11:45 AM
: Face to Face
: 50

Shaun Featherstone is with us today to talk about the history of the Salvation Army and also the important work that the Army provides to our Sunbury community.

Did you know that the Salvation Army was started in 1862 when Methodist preacher, William Booth stepped out from behind the pulpit and took his ministry to the streets of London to work with the poor who weren’t welcomed by the church.

Later William Booth became a travelling evangelist, whilst his wife Catherine appealed to the wealthy to financially support the demands of their work with the poor.
They quickly were seen as “God’s Army” and in 1878 their Christian mission became known as The Salvation Army.

Step forward twenty years and the Salvation Army can be seen as holding meetings in Adelaide Botanical Park and Major Barker is renting a small two roomed house in Carlton Melbourne to help released prisoners.

Today The Salvation Army is an international organisation working tirelessly to assist disadvantaged people around the world.
Today coming full circle, the Salvation Army has been operating in Sunbury for over 60 years and provides many services to our Sunbury community

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