1 December 2023 – Dome Promenade

Tutor/Leader: Marlene Cann
Sunbury Station
Friday 9:15am – 4:30pm
1 December 2023
Cost: $23

An icon of Melbourne’s history opens its doors to a unique view unseen for 100 years. This is not only an amazing opportunity to overlook the gardens and view Melbourne’s skyline but also to explore the buildings significant history and its varied uses over time.
The Exhibition Building is beautiful inside and out- and a true landmark of Melbourne.
Three levels of the building( basement, mezzanine and lower promenade) are accessible via a lift.
The fourth level, the upper dome promenade, requires participants to climb around 20 steps.
From there, there are additional stairs required to travel around the entire upper promenade to see the 360 degree view. Both the upper and lower promenade are outside and exposed to the elements.
We meet at the Sunbury Station at 9.15am to catch the 9.36am Metro train to Parliament station.
We will have time for coffee and a visit to the Melbourne museum, which is free with the cost of the ticket of the Royal Exhibition Building Dome Promenade. We could then have lunch locally after which we meet to start our Dome Promenade Tour at 2.00pm.

Please call Marlene on 97444848 if you have any further questions.