6 April 2023 – The Tragic Collapse of the West Gate Bridge

Guest Speaker: Richard Olive
 Lesley Sulley
2 Feb 2023
Thursday, 9:45 am – 11:45 am
Sunbury Football Social Club, Behind Clarke Oval Riddell Road Sunbury
Face to Face

Richard Olive will be talking with us about the most tragic industrial accident that occurred in 1970 when the West Gate Bridge, whilst under construction, collapsed into the Yarra River.
Thirty five people died.
Richard is going to give us a detailed explanation as to why the disaster happened, and in hindsight, how this may have possibly been avoided.
Most of us will recall the incident 52 years ago and will find the presentation historically interesting, albeit a serious topic.

Attendance at Guest Speakers requires that members must be fully vaccinated.
Therefore new members of U3A Sunbury must bring their vaccination certificate to be sighted at this event, unless it has been sighted and registered previously.

***Note this event is only open to those members who have been fully vaccinated.