The Pharaoh Exhibition at NGV

Tutor/Leader: Jane Bezzina
Date: Wednesday 11 September 2024
Sunbury Station
: 20
Cost: $35

The National Gallery of Victoria has partnered with the British Museum to present “Pharaoh”. A landmark exhibition that celebrates 3,000 years of ancient Egyptian art and culture.
Through more than 500 objects including monumental sculptures, architecture, temple statuary, exquisite jewellery, papyri, coffins and an array of funerary objects, the exhibition unpacks the phenomenon of pharaoh, those all-powerful kings claiming a divine origin.

The exhibition comprises of seven thematic sections that explore pharaoh’s roles and duties, including the high priest officiating in temples, the head of the country’s administration, the leader of the army and the head of the royal family.

The pharaohs were responsible for protecting Egypt against enemies and ensuring universal order; they ruled the Two Lands – Upper and Lower Egypt – from the 1st Dynasty (c. 3000BCE) until the Roman conquest in 30BCE

For those interested we plan to go to lunch prior to the exhibition so a booking has been made at PJ O’Briens the Irish Pub in Southbank.

Please note we have only paid for 20 tickets but we may be able to get more. Therefore if you want to attend it is important that you register early so that if more tickets are required we can get extra at the same entry .

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