15 February 2024 – Distinctive Options

Distinctive Options

Guest Speaker: Christopher King
Tutor/Leader: Lesley Sulley
Sunbury Football Social Club,
Behind Clarke Oval, Riddell Road, Sunbury
Thursday 15 Feb 2024
10:00 am – 11:45 AM
: Face to Face
: 50

Today our Guest Speaker is Christopher King, Pathways Business Supervisor. Christopher will discuss the history of Distinctive Options in Sunbury.

The origins of Pathways to employment programs, opportunities and services for people with disabilities and the families that support them.
Chris will also talk about the emergence of their Goodwill Gardeners, the Food Project Cafe, and their initiatives into the honey, trade and delivery programs.

Distinctive Options is a remarkable program that not only has life changing affects on people with disabilities by them providing employment, but also provides them with support and an important connection and place within the Sunbury community.

Come and listen to the community services that Distinctive Options provides to Sunbury and see if through use of these services you too can provide support and employment to the users of Distinctive Options.

Please come and support Distinctive Options, its workers and disabled people too.