15 Sept 2023 – Riddells Creek Hotel- End of term lunch

Tudor/ Leader: Laura Fisher
Day: Friday, 12:30 pm-3:00 pm
Date: 15 September 2023
Location: 10-12 Hamilton
Street, Riddells Creek
Capacity: 40

The End of Term Lunch is a very popular way to meet with friends and to meet new members, with just under a quarter of our 200 members always attending so come and join us at the Riddells Creek Hotel at 10-12 Hamilton Street, Riddell Creek.
This hotel has been recommended by lots of our members.
Welcoming attitude, good food, friendly staff and a warm casual atmosphere with an open fire.
There are lunch time specials at about $20.00 plus the fancier meals which everyone will love.
Drinks at reasonable prices and there are lots of car parking space at the Riddells Creek railway station which is just across the road.
Recommended by locals with lots of 4 star reviews on line.

Please register on UMAS if you would like to attend.

***Please note that this is a face to face outing and so only members who are fully vaccinated can attend.