20 July 2023 – The Voice

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Heather Hearne
Tutor/Leader: Marlene Cann
Date: 20 July 2023
Day: Thursday, 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Sunbury Football Social Club, Behind Clarke Oval Riddell Road Sunbury
: Face to Face
: 50

Later this year we are all going to be asked to vote on an important Referendum giving First Nations People “The Voice” Today we are joined by retired teacher/academic Dr. Heather Hearne, coming to us on behalf of, From the Heart Group.
Heather is keen to provide some community education and to talk through issues that relate to the Referendum also Heather will provide a brief background on the Statement From the Heart.
Heather,s talk will be about the importance of the Statement From the Heart in terms of the long history of First Nations People, their work to reach out to non-indigenous for recognition and for a voice in those things that have an impact on their lives.
Heather will also talk about the importance of why First Nations People must be recognised in the constitution, and why this is so important in terms of their sovereignty.

It is a Referendum that provides the opportunity for all Australians, to have the choice to vote on an issue that has national, historical and social importance.

**** Please note that attendance at Guest Speakers requires that members must be fully vaccinated. Therefore new members of U3A Sunbury must bring their vaccination certificate to be sighted at this event, unless it has been sighted and registered previously.