20 June 2024 – BlazeAid


Guest Speaker: Mellisa Jones
Tutor/Leader: Lesley Sulley
Sunbury Football Social Club,
Behind Clarke Oval, Riddell Road, Sunbury
Thursday 20 June 2024
10:00 am – 11:45 AM
: Face to Face
: 50

BlazeAid is a voluntary organisation that works with families across Australian after a natural disaster.
This amazing organisation was established in 2009 after the Black Saturday bushfires.
BlazeAid founders, Kevin and Rhonda Butler who live in Kilmore East, lost 3 kilometres of fencing and were facing 3-4 months of continuous work before they could expect repairs to be completed.
A daunting task during which time hundreds of sheep would be roaming onto roads thus creating a dangerous situation for the animals, general road users, emergency vehicles etc.

After Kevin put an advert in the local paper 25 volunteers offered to help, and the fences were repaired in one week. BlazeAid was born!
In the first year BlazeAid camps cleaned 500 kilometres of burnt fencing and rebuilt and additional 500 kilometres.
During the 2019-2020 bushfires BlazeAid set up 45 camps in many places around Australia to help rebuild destroyed fencing.

Come along to this session and learn from CEO Melissa Jones about how BlazeAid continues to provide an important service; helping people/families during extremely difficult times. BlazeAid doesn’t just build fences it helps rebuild lives.