24 February – Dining Out at The Bar & Grill

Tutor/Leader: Trevor Cann
11/106-125 Gap Road
Friday 6.30pm
 24 February 2023

We start our 2023 Dining Out by eating in Sunbury at The Gap Bar and Grill opposite Aldi, at 11/106-125 Gap Road, commencing at 6.30pm.
Could you please register as soon as possible so that numbers can be finalised. A few of our members have already eaten at this reasonably new Sunbury restaurant and given it some good reviews. An email will be sent with details of the menu.

Please note as this is a face to face event we need new members who haven’t had their Covid vaccinations sighted to do so before they attend.

***Note this event is only open to those members who have been fully vaccinated.