26 October 2023 – Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

Tutor/Leader: Beris Cook
Sunbury Station
Thursday 9:00am – 4:00pm
26 October 2023

Since 1915, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute has been working to improve the health of the community. Based in Melbourne’s premier biomedical precinct, and with more than 850 brilliant scientific minds, the Institute is well positioned to accelerate the understanding, prevention and treatment of disease.
The Institute’s discoveries have helped 30 million people worldwide and there are more than 100 national and international clinical trials underway all of which originated from their research.
The outing provides us with the opportunity, for an hour, to learn more about medical science by touring the laboratories and talking direct with the scientists.

This is a tour we planned before Covid but we now have the opportunity.
After the tour those who are interested could have lunch at a local cafe, and then afterwards can either visit the Victoria Market or the Hellenic Museum which is in the Mint Building in William Street. The choice is up to the individual.
If you would like to join us we meet at the Sunbury Station at 8.45am to catch the 8.59am Metro train to North Melbourne. From North Melbourne we catch the 401 -circuit bus which runs every 3 minutes.
We get off at The Royal Melbourne Hospital and then have time for coffee at the Zouki cafe on the ground floor where we can wait for perhaps other members who weren’t able to catch the same bus. The Walter Eliza Hall Institute is an easy less that 10 minutes walk from here at 1G, Royal Parade, Parkville.
Please register your interest on UMAS or give Marlene a call on 97444848