Z Family History

Tutor: Brian Marsh
: Weekly
: Tuesday 4th Oct 22 to 13 Dec 22
: 12:30pm to 1:30pm
Venue: Sunbury Global Learning Centre
Delivery: Face to Face.
: 10

Brian Marsh, our facilitator is looking forward to recommencing this course  on Tuesday 4th October.  Are you interested in researching your own family history. Join this group and we will work together – learning from each other.
Each week bring along your history and we will help each other over the hurdles of finding out about our pasts. At the end you should be able to generate a family tree or family history book.

Please note that this course is being run simultaneously in two modes, face to face and online via Zoom. Enrolment for the face to face component is via course code 222TUE05, the zoom course code is 222TUE09. Only members who have been fully vaccinated and have had their vaccination certificate sighted by U3A Sunbury can attend the face to face component.

You will be waitlisted for all courses until your COVID vaccination status has been sighted..