What Makes A Good Film?

Leader: Alan James will be hosting this course online via zoom. The one hour course commences will run from 1:00 pm to 2.30pm on Wednesday July 14th and will run for monthly to 17th November.

Members enrolled in What Makes A Good Film? decided to continue the course as a once a month movie club to the end of the year. The group will nominate a film for members to watch during the month, then get together via zoom to discuss aspects such as mythical structure and style. To help us with our analysis, Group Leader Alan James will gently guide us through aspects already covered during the initial course. The group will meet via zoom at 1:00pm every third Wednesday of the month.

Despite being unable to visit the cinema these days there are still plenty of choices for viewing films. You might have a DVD collection, subscribe to a streaming service, use YouTube or suffer the commercial ridden films on TV.

Join Alan James over four weeks on a journey through the forest of films in search for something interesting to watch while focusing on quality. Over the four sessions, Alan will be breaking down the major elements of writing, directing, design and sound. He’ll be looking at why it’s called ‘show business’ for a reason. The differences and similarities with fine art, literature, theatre and what we call consensus reality!

This course has NO prerequisites and will be interactive so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to participate. The course will be open to 12 participants. You can enrol through your Member login. You will receive a personal email with the zoom link just before the course starts on each date.

Alan’s credentials are as follows:

  • Bachelor of Communication with Majors in Cinema Studies and Creative Writing.
  • 35 + years professionally employed as an audio, video, lighting technician.
  • 30 years as a producer/presenter on community radio.

SO….If you would like to discover why films matter; how they work and why they don’t; how to re-watch your old collection with new eyes and how to make viewing decisions from brief menu descriptions, then this course is for you!