23 February 2024 – Dining Out – Vic’s Food & Wine

Dining Out – Vic’s Food & Wine

Tutor/Leader: Trevor Cann
69-71 O’Shannasy Street Sunbury
Friday 6:30pm – 8:30pm
  23 February 2024

A brief explanation for new members.
Dining Out is open to everyone.
We go to a new restaurant each time, one month in Sunbury, the next month further afield.

Last year in Sunbury we went to The Gap bar and Grill, The Ball Court, Mas Thai and Ustaad G. Where possible it is always the last Friday of the month at 6:30pm, though sometimes it becomes the end of term lunch.

It is a great way of possibly trying new places, meeting other members and having a chat over a meal and a glass or two.
Dining Out usually has a number around 20, whereas end of term lunch is much higher.

We start 2024 with a visit to Vic’s Food & Wine at 69-71 Oshannassy St. A booking has been made for Friday 23rd Feb at 6:30pm.
PLEASE NOTE: They do not split bills so could you bring cash with you. We have asked that we be on 2 tables so to make the process easier.

Please make a booking on UMAS or ring Trev on 9744 4848 if you are interested