27 July 2023 – Bendigo – Women’s Weekly Exhibition

Leader: Marlene Cann

Location: Sunbury Station
One-off: Event on one day only
Day: Thursday, 9:20am – 6:00pm
Date: 27 July 2023
Capacity: 25

We meet at the Sunbury Station at 9.20am to catch the 9.35am V/Line train to Bendigo, arriving at 11.00am. This gives us time to have a cup of coffee before we have lunch at 12.00 at The Rifle Brigade Hotel just across from the Bendigo Gallery. After lunch we go to the Australian Women’s Weekly Exhibition which is free.
This exhibition marks the 90th anniversary of the magazine, looking back at some of the inspiring women who have been part of the magazine’s history.
Starting with courageous war time reporter Dorothy Drain who filed stories from World War2 and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.

Also the exhibition will present a selection of garments by leading Australian designers, worn by notable and inspiring Australian women. Then of course there will be the fond look back at interior design, craft, gardening and cooking projects including The Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book which is still going strong after 43 years.
Who of us haven’t bought the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine, with some of us hoarding copies, but never quite having the time to follow the receipes, crafts or garden projects. Come along and enjoy a leisurely fun day with friends.

Note train costs to Bendigo have now been reduced, so it only costs the same as the fare to the city.
This is a face to face activity so those who attend must be fully vaccinated and have had their vaccination sighted.