Healing Yoga-Group 2

Healing Yoga 2

Tutor: Jodie Parker
Sessions: All Year
: Wednesdays 31 Jan 2024 – 4 Dec 2024
: 11:00am to 11:50pm
: Neighbourhood House, Sunbury
Numbers: 24

Jodie Parker, a yoga teacher here in Sunbury, delivers this gentle Healing Yoga class, developed by Joni Coots, that will be tailored to individual needs so that everyone feels comfortable yet moderately challenged. This class is suitable for both men and women who are experiencing any of these matters:
* depression or anxiety
* joint and inflammation issues
* loss of muscle strength or balance
* the effects of disease or illness
* cognitive impairment
* chronic pain
* rehabilitation from surgery
* feelings of loneliness or disconnection from self and others
* optimal health and happiness!
Classes will begin by sitting in chairs to practice; regulation of the breath, meditation techniques and warm up stretches as well as discussions on basic health topics for emotional and physical wellbeing. They will then move on to floor work with standing postures and balances with the aid of a chair if needed.
Wear comfortable clothes so that you can move and stretch unhindered and bring a water bottle. Please eat only a light meal before coming to yoga and, if possible, eat an hour or two before the class. It’s best to practise without a heavy meal in your stomach.